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Vat Refund - Get your TAX Refund now

Save up to 27% of your cost made abroad by refunding the VAT.

Every year TAX offices “earn” millions of Euros because companies don’t ask their foreign VAT back. InterVAT is specialized in VAT refund from more than 40 countries around the world.

What can InterVAT offer you?

InterVAT will ensure the maximum possible refund with his streamlined smart VAT refund process. Our VAT specialist will manage the refund process from the beginning till you receive your refund and more.

What can we reclaim?

The refund possibilities vary by country. The following costs can be refunded:
  • Car rental/lease
  • Accommodation and other hotel costs
  • Taxi, train tickets, bus tickets, local flights
  • Conferences, trade shows and exhibitions
  • Training, seminars or courses
  • Mobile costs and other telecommunications
  • Restaurants Entertainment
  • Sales offices
  • Fuel/diesel
  • Marketing costs

What do you need to do?

1. Click the "get your refund now" button and fill out the VAT refund form
2. Send your original invoices together with the VAT refund form to us.
3. We will get your refund.
Get your refund now

Benefits for choosing InterVAT

  • we have an excellent knowledge of international VAT
  • you can save up to 27% of your costs made abroad
  • no risks because we work on a “no cure, no pay” basis
  • “one-stop–shop” for all international vat issues
  • you will have 1 point of contact
  • we ensure a maximum refund
  • we speak many languages (multi lingual)
  • free up your staff, more focus on your core business
Get your refund now