VAT Information Luxembourg

  • 17%
    VAT percentage high rate
  • 14%, 8% and 3%
    VAT percentage reduced and low rate
  • Intrastat threshold in Luxembourg:
  • Arrivals € 200.000
  • Dispatches € 150.000

Doing business in Luxembourg: we will assist you with the Luxembourgian VAT

Is your company based outside Luxembourg and are you doing business in Luxembourg, it is possible that you will have to deal with local taxable transactions and services in Luxembourg.

Perhaps it is necessary to register for the VAT in Luxembourg. A Luxembourgian VAT number has to be applied for at the Luxembourgian Tax Office. After registration for Luxembourgian VAT, periodical VAT returns for the Luxembourgian turnover have to be submitted.

Our InterVAT specialists know all rules and legislation when you are trading in Luxembourg. Outsourcing will save time and money, because you can focus on your core business, while we are taking care of the correct submission of the Luxembourgian VAT returns in due time.

Apply now for a VAT number in Luxembourg

When it is necessary to apply for a Luxembourgian VAT number?

Below you will find some examples:

  • You are importing goods in Luxembourg from a country outside the European Union (e.g. from China or Turkey). Subsequently you are selling these goods in Luxembourg or in other EU countries.
  • You buy goods in Luxembourg (with Luxembourgian Value Added Tax) and you deliver these goods to customers in other EU countries or you are exporting these goods to customers based in countries outside the European Union.
  • You buy goods in Luxembourg (including Luxembourgian VAT) and subsequently you sell these goods to customers based in Luxembourg.
  • You are organizing a conference, workshop, seminar or congress in Luxembourg and you charge registration or a fee for admission.
  • You are selling online products to private persons in Luxembourg.
  • You are selling online products via Amazon. And Amazon is asking for a VAT registration number. When you sell online products in several EU countries using the so called Pan-European FBA Programme, you will have to register directly for the VAT. The Amazon warehouses are so called Amazon fulfilment centres. FBA is an abbreviation for Fulfilment by Amazon.
  • You are bringing your own goods over to Luxembourg from another EU country. In this case the delivery is a so called fictive EC sales delivery.

We will check if you have a tax liability in Luxembourg, and when necessary take care of the VAT registration there, the submission of VAT returns and requests for refund of VAT paid (deductible turnover tax).

Do you need a VAT registration number in Luxembourg? Or do you need to submit periodical Luxembourgian VAT returns?

Apply for a VAT registration number in Luxembourg now!
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